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"Blonde Bomber" Smooth and Crisp LIGHT Roast

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    This Organic light roast blend has a subtle sweetness and a crisp finish. Our coffee is made from Specialty Grade beans grown high in the mountains of Central America, micro-roasted to bring out the best flavor and aroma with every sip. 

    A smooth, rich coffee flavor without the negative side effects of coffee like acid reflux or an upset stomach. Our coffee is not only Clean and Organic but will improve your health & overall well-being!

    Cheers to your new favorite Brew and a healthier life!

    • Rich in Antioxidants

      Rich in Antioxidants

      One cup of Buff Brew has about 9x more antioxidants than the daily recommendation. This plays an improtant role in heart, brain, digestive and immune system functions.

    • USDA Organic & Mold Free

      USDA Organic & Mold Free

      Clean and healthy coffee. No chemicals, pesticides, mold or toxins!

    • Low in Acid and High in Flavor

      Low in Acid and High in Flavor

      Gentler on your digestive system while still enjoying a smooth, rich coffee flavor.