• JUMP START FITNESS COFFEE BLEND has it all and it is time to make the switch!

High Quality Ingredients

Healthy Alternative to Pre Workout

Fat Burner

Electrolyte Replenisher

Mood Booster

Glucose Regulator

Brain Booster




Our beans are never sprayed with any chemicals or pesticides and are free of carcinogens.


Undergoes strict quality control, free of mold and toxins.


Roasting process that ensures a higher level of antioxidants and rich flavor. Gentler on the digestive system and safer for teeth.



This organic roast is made from a special blend of beans with a naturally higher caffeine content. Featuring a nutty, dark chocolate flavor and no "shroomy taste"

Lions Mane Mushroom is an amazing superfood and an incredibly powerful nootropic. Blended right into our dark roast coffee to help focus your brain and conquer the day!



Buff Brew Coffee has made it a core part of their mission to give back and show support to our Veterans and Service Members. A portion of proceeds is donated to Veteran Non-Profit Organizations and to help send coffee to deployed troops.

Thank you for your service! Receive 10% off your order for all Service Members & Veterans!



Smooth & Crisp Light Roast

This organic roast has a subtle sweetness and crisp finish. Our coffee is made from specialty grade beans grown high in the mountains of Central America. Micro roasted to bring out the best flavor and aroma with every sip.


  • Healthy, Smooth & Delicious

Take your health to the next level!

Our 100% Organic, Low Acid coffee is packed with nutrition: 9x more antioxidants and has anti inflammatory benefits. Free of mold and toxins!

Clean Focused Energy!


What the BUFF FAM has to say...

I was very impressed by the rich flavor this coffee has! I highly reccomend this brand as I have tried both blends and really enjoy them. Plus it makes you feel good to support Veterans of this beautiful country. I will for sure be ordering more!


Tried this coffee while looking for something new, well I found it! It's delicious and smooth. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Plus, I love supporting Veteran owned products!

Marcy Barth

Ya know what they say...good ain't cheap and cheap ain't good. This coffee is well worth the little extra money. It is sooooo smooth. No bitterness. No bad after taste. Simply delicious coffee. One taste and you will see the difference between this and mass market, non organic beans. Do yourself a favor and see what your morning routine has been missing!


I normally get acid reflux and nausea when I drink coffee and I can never finish a full cup. I decided to try the Roll Call medium roast becasue of the low acid and strong antioxidants. The first thing I noticed when opening my box was the aroma and that was before even opening the bag! The coffee itself tastes amazing! It is smooth and very tasty and the best part is I did not get the acid reflux and nausea that I normally get with other coffee brands that I've tried. I was able to finish a full cup! I also like that I am supporting veteran owned. I highly recommend you try Buff Brew for yourself, I promise you will not be disappointed!


Great product for a great price. I was suprised by how flavorful this blend is. The low acid is great on the stomach and I highly recommend this coffee! Over the past couple years I have delt with some stomach issues and couldn't find a coffee brand that didn't cause me discomfort. When I found this brand I was relived to find that there was a coffee out there that was light on your gut, organic and didn't taste terrible. Most coffee would have me running to the bathroom after a few sips or have to deal with heartburn for hours, but not BUFF BREW. I have nothing but positive things to say but find out for yourself!


Starting off my morning with a good cup of coffee is a must for me. I was excited to try this blend for the extra caffeine and all the benefits of the lions mane mushroom! The first thing I noticed was the strong smell as it brewed, it really woke up my senses and got me anxious to pour it in my cup. Next, the smooth and nutty flavor did not disappoint. So delicious! And if those were not enough...the headache that I wake up with every morning dissipated as I continued to sip. It was a relief to not have to take medicine for that.

Tiffany Thorton

This lions mane brew has been just the kick I need to get going in the morning. Despite not getting much sleep most nights I feel focused and ready to take on my day after drinking this! The taste is smooth and easy on the stomach too. I'll definitely continue to purchase this product.


Cheers to your new favorite Brew and a healthier life!

  • Rich in Antioxidants

    Rich in Antioxidants

    One cup of Buff Brew has about 9x more antioxidants than the daily recommendation. This plays an improtant role in heart, brain, digestive and immune system functions.

  • USDA Organic & Mold Free

    USDA Organic & Mold Free

    Clean and healthy coffee. No chemicals, pesticides, mold or toxins!

  • Low in Acid and High in Flavor

    Low in Acid and High in Flavor

    Gentler on your digestive system while still enjoying a smooth, rich coffee flavor.